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Tenute Soletta presents the Tasting pack, containing Chimera, Corona Majore, Kyanos, Keramos, Brut sparkling wine and Rosé sparkling wine. Four wines and two sparkling wines of excellence for this assortment of Tenute Soletta. Chimera is a Vermentino di Sardegna Doc, Corona Majore is a Cannonau di Sardegna Doc Riserva, Kyanos is an IGT Isola dei Nuraghi white wine, Keramos is a Cannonau di Sardegna Doc red wine, Chardonnay Extra Dry sparkling wine is produced from Chardonnay grapes in purity, carefully picked and selected by hand, and finally the Rosé Dry sparkling wine is vinified in white from Cannonau grapes. A package, that of Tenute Soletta, perfect as a gift idea.
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Features Composition: - CHIMERA: ingredients: 100% vermentino; alcohol content: 14% Vol - CORONA MAJORE: ingredients: cannonau100%; alcohol content: 14% Vol - KYANOS: ingredients: white grapes; alcohol content: 14% Vol - KERAMOS: ingredients: 100% cannonau; alcohol content: 15% Vol - SPUMANTE BRUT: ingredients: 100% Chrdonnay grapes; alcohol content: 11% vol - SPUMANTE ROSÈ: Cannoanu grapes; alcohol content: 11% vol
Package 6 bottles of 75 cl
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