Artigiantessile Villamassargia

Artigiantessile story begins in 1965, when in the small town of Villamassargia the mother of Davide Spiga, current owner of the company, decides to turn her passion for handmade carpets loom processing into a professional activity. Over time, the company has expanded and diversified production by creating, in addition to carpets, other items such as curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, pillows, towels and furniture fabrics. The new production, studied in the light of a renewed and demanding taste, nevertheless remains faithful to Sardinian textile tradition. All Artigiantessile artifacts are handcrafted by hand using natural fibers.


Via Carbonia, 27 , CI, Villamassargia , 09010


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  1. tappeto quadri 3D artigiantessile Villamassargia

    "Quadri 3D" carpet

  2. tappeto rombi e colori-artigiantessile1 Villamassargia

    "Rombi e Colori" carpet

  3. tappeto di rombo fiorito-artigiantessile1 Villamassargia
  4. tappeto tribute to mondrian-artigintessile1 Villamassargia

4 Items

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