AV Metal Sarule

AV Metal is a family-owned company, handed down from father to son and now formed by brothers Alessio and Antonello. In 2009, from their will, stubbornness and professionalism was born an innovative company that preserves the intent to guard the ancient inherited craft traditions. The two brothers direct their handicraft production getting inspired by history and local tradition, finding the perfect balance within the metal working processes by combining traditional techniques with the most up-to-date procedures and instruments. Their handicrafts are made mainly with wrought iron technique, and over the years the business has developed and consolidated in metals craft sector.

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  1. bue in metallo-av metal1 Sarule

    Ox in metal

  2. cervo in metallo-av metal Sarule

    Deer in metal

  3. vassoio rombo-av metal Sarule

    rhombus tray

  4. candelabro sa orthiche de tundere-av metal Sarule

4 Items

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