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Bruja farm by Jean-Louis Manca was born more than forty years ago as a small family-run business. The company occupies seven hectares around the family home of Donigala Fenugheddu (near Oristano), where forage crops, orchards and olive trees were cultivated. After a degree in environmental engineering, driven by love for his land, Jean-Louis takes over the reins of the company and converts it into a certified organic farm. The idea for "Bruja" came from the desire to live healthy and responsibly, respecting the nature both in professional and personal sphere. Jean Louis, dedicates its company to the cultivation of Sardinian medicinal plants and the production of essential oils and floral waters.


via Cabras, 66, OR, Oristano, 09170


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  1. olio-essenziale-lentischio Oristano

    Lentisk Essential Oil

  2. olio-essenziale-mirto Oristano

    Myrtle Essential Oil

  3. olio-essenziale-rosmarino-verbenone Oristano

    Verbenone Rosemary Essential Oil

  4. olio-essenziale-lavanda-officinalis Oristano

    Lavender Officinalis Essential Oil


4 Items

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