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Cantine Paulis are the new brand of Cantine di Monserrato, founded on July 6th, 1924, by 46 Monserrato wine-growers. This is how the first Sardinian cellar was born. Today’s production has been further differentiated by embracing the best wines of the group under the Cantine Paulis brand. These wines are the result of a careful selection of grapes and a modern and rigorous winemaking process that, with the solid foundation of the long business tradition, look at both present and future markets. Cantine Paulis is basically the new stream of the historic Cantina di Monserrato. It is to honor the work of those pioneers of Monserrato viticulture that Cantine Paulis proposes today a range of wines that have roots in the past, but with an ever-closer look to the future.

Cantine Paulis di Monserrato

Via Giulio Cesare 2, CA, Monserrato, 09042


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  1. Noah - Sardinian Cannonau wine 3 bottles Monserrato
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    Wine selection - 4 bottles

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