Cantina Lilliu Ussaramanna

"Harvested on the gentle hills of Marmilla, the grapes of our winery absorb its history and traditions. The respect for the land and the alliance with the nature are the principles that inspire us in the cultivation of the four hectares of vineyard, from which our wines are born. Unique products, such as the processing techniques chosen to obtain rich and genuine grapes. We only work our bunches, which ripen slowly thanks to the methods of synergistic agriculture and arid cultivation. Without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, the vines, nourished and protected by other plants, are treated with patience, wisdom and passion. Elements that can be found in wines with precious flavours, such as the land from which they are born: Sardinia".

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  1. tris-rossi-cantina-lilliu Ussaramanna

    Red wines trio

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  2. trio-of-whites Ussaramanna

    White wines trio

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  3. Degusta-box-6-bottiglie-miste Ussaramanna

    Tasting Box - 6 bottles

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  4. cannonau-diciosu Ussaramanna

8 Items

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