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Gruppo F.lli Cellino was born in the 1960s thanks to the intuitions of Mr. Ercole Cellino, who understood the potential that the cereal sector offered in Sardinia. The Group initially had three mills in Sassari, Sanluri and Cagliari. They decided to build a new plant in Oristano, called Simec (1994). Simec consists of three actual mills (a soft one and two hard ones), and today is one of the most modern in Europe. Pastificio F.lli Cellino was born in 1999 in Santa Giusta and has seven production lines. In 2014, the group founded Fette di Sole biscuit factory, a forefront of toasted baked goods. In 2019, F.lli Cellino Group started the Ercole Punto Zero supply chain project, in collaboration with local farmers and research bodies, producing the new semolina and bronze-drawn pasta line made with Sardinian durum wheat from Certified Supply Chain.

Gruppo F.lli Cellino

Via Maldiventre snc Loc. Cirras, OR, Santa Giusta, 09096


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