Chervu Castiadas

A new business project called "Chervu" was born in the countryside of Castiadas, in southern Sardinia, to promote medicinal plants of the Mediterranean maquis such as myrtle, mastic and wild olive. Chervu, which means 'deer', has its origins and roots in this wonderful territory. Its philosophy is expressed in identity, enhancement of the territory and innovation. Just two years after its launch on the market (end of 2018), Chervu, with the myrtle distillate in its two variants, has won two important awards in 2020: the prize as winner of the Liqueurs and Distillates category of the Sardinia Food Awards 2020, sponsored by the Department of Agriculture of the Region of Sardinia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, and the highest rating of four stars, for the variant in white, in the Top 50 Spirits Italia selection of Spirito Autoctono, a special insert of the Guida Vini Buoni d'Italia 2021 of the Italian Touring Club.


Via Rio Perdosu, SU, Castiadas, 09040


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  1. Myrtle elixir Castiadas

    Myrtle elixir

  2. distillato-mirto-rosso Castiadas

    Blended myrtle distillate

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    Myrtle distillate

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    Distillato di mirto Riserva


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