Famiglia Orro Tramatza

Famiglia Orro’s didactic farm is a small family-run company located in Tramatza, a small hamlet in central-western Sardinia. The farm takes place on 10 acres of land where grapes, olive and vegetables are cultivated. All productions are transformed on site: wines at the cellar and vegetables at the food laboratory. Our work is inspired by and follows some fundamental principles and criteria: the defense of biodiversity, the development of sustainable agriculture, the pursuit of innovation without discarding traditional knowledge. For this reason, we only cultivate native grapes, olive trees and local vegetables. The defense of biodiversity also leads to the rediscovery and exploitation of old local transformation techniques and recipes. Tradition and innovation are an always present binomial in our work.

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  1. Crema Melanzana 90g2 Tramatza
  2. Crema Asparago 90g2 Tramatza
  3. Crema di Cipolla 90g1 Tramatza

    Onion Pâté 90 g - 2 pcs

  4. Crema di Carciofo Spinoso Sardo 90g1 Tramatza
  5. Crema di Olive Verdi Pestate 90g1 Tramatza
  6. Olive Verdi Pestate 275g1 Tramatza
  7. vino Karesia1 Tramatza

    Karesia Wine

  8. vernacciaoristano1 Tramatza

    Oristano's Vernaccia DOC

    Out of stock
  9. VinoCranntza1 Tramatza

    Crannatza Wine

  10. vino spinarba1 Tramatza

    Spinarba Wine

  11. ZentiArrubia1 Tramatza

    Zenti Arrubia Wine

  12. vino tzinnigas1 Tramatza

    Tzinnigas Wine Vernaccia

  13. passito Passentzia1 Tramatza

    Passentzia Raisin Wine

  14. impilabile1 Tramatza

    Stackable Wine

  15. don aldo1 Tramatza

    Red wine Don Aldo


17 Items

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