FILATEX Decimomannu

Our story is made of passion for fabrics and embroidery. The works we make talk about us and our ongoing research and experimentation. We are, in fact, among the first to embroided on cork, creating a non-traditional handicraft line. Innovation and experimentation are in our DNA: in this way, in 2015 was born the collaboration with Mara Damiani, Sardinian graphic designer. Two professionalisms combined to create a new project with a graphic revision of the iconographies of our land and our colors. Years of design, projects and studies in the field of visual communication on an international level are coupled with years of experience in packaging and manufacturing high quality products. This is the Contrast line of DAMIANIDESIGN-FILATEX.

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  1. Cuscino pavoncella1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Pavoncella" Cushion - 50X50 cm

  2. Cuscino gallinella1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    Rectangular "Gallinella" Cushion

  3. Cuscino pavoncella piccolo1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Pavoncella" Cushion - 40X40 cm

  4. Cuscino cavallino1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Cavallino" Cushion - 40x40 cm


4 Items

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