Sardo Sole Cabras

Filiera del Grano Duro is a project that unites three territories: Marmilla, Sinis and Mejlogu. The chain, born in 2015, connects the production of Villamar and Cabras consortiums (120 companies in total) and merges with Thiesi to create a high quality product. The path is traceable and controlled. The company produces a professional line of groats and flours, alongside the stone mill line. The finished products are those of the Sardinian tradition: fresh pasta, dry pasta, carasau bread. In addition there is the line of cereals (broad beans, lentils, beans and barley) for soups and salads.

Sardo Sole

VIA DELL’ARTIGIANATO, snc , Oristano, Cabras, 09072


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  1. tris-itrya-malloreddus-fregula-turrada Cabras
  2. bis-cannita-crogoristas-8-pz Cabras

    “Cannita” and “Crogoristas” Duo - 8 pcs

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  3. linguine-500-gr-4-cfz Cabras

    Linguini 500 gr - 6 pcs

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  4. Pane carasau filiera del grano duro Cabras

    Carasau Bread Rectangular - 4 pcs

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4 Items

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