Joias Tortolì

Joias was born from the dream of an Ogliastra’s family that has always been interested in Sardinian art, culture, history and traditions. The idea was to create a Sardinian handicraft brand that features in its production both excellence and avant-garde design products. Joyas’s a new signature that looks at contemporary trends, giving a new dimension to the traditional concept of craftsmanship.

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  1. berretto1 Tortolì

    Velvet Beret with Trimming

  2. Orgosolo Headscarf Tortolì

    Orgosolo Headscarf

  3. tappeto roccerosse1 Joyas Tortolì

    Red Rocks Rug

  4. Parure1 Tortolì

    Brebette Parure


4 Items

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