Vargiu Michaela Cagliari

I create handbags and fashion accessories in loom made Sardinian fabrics, matched with other precious materials. The products are rich of precious ethnic ideas inspired by Sardinian culture. With my creations, I give value to the splendid work of our weavers by changing the usage of wonderful fabrics from their classic shape (such as carpets, ornaments, costumes and more) to forms and volumes wearable in everyday life. The aim is for my bags and fashion accessories to be perfect for those who live in big frenetic cities, where trends and everyday life have different rhythms from those of the island traditions.

Vargiu Michaela

Via Alagon 37, Cagliari, Cagliari, 09127


[email protected]

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    Chilivani Purse

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    Sa Sennora Purse

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    Sa Pibiruda Purse

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    Sa L'Luna Purse

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