Oro Rosso San Gavino Monreale

Oro Rosso farm, founded in 2006 in San Gavino Monreale, has its roots in an ancinet tradition, when the family lands were cultivated with dedication and love and gave, in return, simple and genuine products. In particular, the company takes care of the cultivation of saffron, but over the years has introduced the processing of other aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, oregano, laurel, thyme, myrtle, and other plants for infusions and teas, such as chamomile and helichrysum. All the activities of Oro Rosso farm are taken care of with the aim to create an educational site, in order to disseminate knowledge on the ancient uses of plants.

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  1. Vasetto di zafferano DOP San Gavino Monreale

    Saffron DOP in jar - 0,5 g

  2. Zafferano in cartoncino San Gavino Monreale
  3. Zafferano in polvere San Gavino Monreale

4 Items

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