S'Argidda Cagliari

S'Argidda is an organic farm in San Gavino Monreale, an agricultural centre located in the heart of Campidano. The farm, with ancient roots, has handed down from generation to generation the passion for the land and for its genuine fruits, that grow for those who take care of the soil with love. S'Argidda’s flagship is saffron, a spice with strong purity and genuineness qualities, certified with D.O.P “Sardinian Saffron” organic brand and with "San Gavino Monreale Saffron" Slow Food Presidium. The company also offers extra-spicy habanero chili and Shiitake mushroom.

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  1. Three of spicy peppers Cagliari

    Three of spicy peppers

  2. fungo shiitake biologico-s'argidda1 Cagliari
  3. zafferano biologico d.o.p. in stimmi-sargidda Cagliari

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