Solky Affumicati e Salati Sant'Antioco

Fernando Antioco Fois has been working for almost 38 years in the industrial construction fields and started its professional transformation in 2003, by creating Solky Affumicati e Salati (Smoked and Salty Solky), which passionately works fishery products. Solky uses Mediterranean fish products, processing them with sea salt and Sardinian wood chips. Solky Affumicati e Salati has a so much handcrafted excellence products to offer: from tuna bottarga, to tuna heart, to tuna fish (tuna fillet), tuna in olive oil and various smoked fish, from tuna to sword fish to grouper.

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  1. Tonno rosso1 Sant'Antioco
  2. Red Tuna Tarantello 350 g Sant'Antioco
  3. Red Tuna Ventresca 350 g Sant'Antioco
  4. Red Tuna Buzzonaglia 350 g Sant'Antioco

4 Items

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