Tenute Carlo Pili Monserrato

The flourishing agricultural fields of Soleminis have known the cultivation of vine and the production of wine in feudal times. The Pili family, in the wake of a centuries-old tradition, still today cultivates and produces wine in its forty hectares farms located in Soleminis, south of Sardinia. Carlo Pili founded the company together with his wife Vitalia in the Seventies, transferring the art of cultivating vine and winemaking to their children. The new cellar was inaugurated in 2010, and here the most modern technology now joins the historic barrels of the company. The production is concentrated on the typical and autochthonous vines of the territory. The wines are characterized by elegance and delicacy.

Tenute Carlo Pili

Loc. Sa Misa, CA, Soleminis, 09040


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  1. VINO ROSSO MISA Monserrato

    MISA - Red Wine

  2. VINO BIANCO DE JOLA tenute carlo pili Monserrato
  3. VERMENTINO IPNO tenute carlo pili Monserrato
  4. CANNONAU IPNO Tenute Carlo Pili Monserrato

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