“We are Spanish, Africans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Pisans, Byzantine, Piedmont.
We are the golden yellow gorse on the rocky trails that droops as large lighted lamps.
We are the wild solitude, the vast and deep silence, the splendor of the sky, the white flower of cistus. 

We are the uninterrupted reign of the mastic tree, the waves that flow through the ancient granites, the reign of the rose hips, the wind, the immensity of the sea. 

We are an ancient land of long silences, of wide and pure horizons, of bleak plants, of mountain burned by the sun and revenge. 

We are Sardinians.”

Grazia Deledda
(Nobel Prize for Literature awarded in 1926)

It is one of the most ancient lands in the world, daughter of wind and granite, caressed by the crystal clear waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and embraced by the strong roots of oak and olive trees: it is Sardinia.
Fulcrum, thousands of years ago, of the mysterious and fascinating Nuragic civilization and then millennial meeting place of folks and traditions, the island is a unique fusion of nature, history and culture. 

Those who find it on their path guard it in their hearts: because Sardinia is life, is experience, is emotion.


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By carefully selecting and promoting only authentic and quality products, Sardinia eCommerce wants to spread the beauty of the island between the Sardinians in the world who carry it in their hearts, the tourists who seek a romantic memory of it, and all those curious web surfers who will land on its shores.

From Sardinia to the world,
the world of Sardinia.