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This Cookie Policy, created by PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. as holder, aims to illustrate the types and purposes of cookies used on website and allows you to express your preferences for their use.

The web site uses cookies or markers, which technically are packets of information sent by a web server to the visitor's / user's Internet browser and automatically stored by the latter in the device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and automatically sent back to the server every time you access the site. Cookie can only be used by the web server that issued it (or any third parties with whom it was originally shared); this means, for example, that cookies generated by PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. cannot be read by other servers managed by third parties.

Thanks to this Cookie Policy you can express your preferences regarding the different types of cookies and change them even later. These preferences will be recorded in a special "technical consent cookie", linked to the browser with which you are currently browsing, which will be updated according to any changes to the preferences you wish to express over time. In case you should access to the site with a different browser or another device, the banner will appear again in order to allow you to express your consent and an additional technical cookie will be generated. If, after expressing your preferences, you subsequently decide to delete all cookies, the technical cookie will also be deleted and therefore you will be asked again to express your consent regarding the installation of profiling cookies.

Some cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the site or useful for its personalized use; in this case, their inhibition could compromise some of its features.

Furthermore, PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. can also publish on its site, directly or through third parties, advertisements which correspond to your interests, deduced on the basis of your online activities and your browsing habits. Please, note, that if you decide to disable cookies for the purpose of providing "targeted" or "behavioral" advertising, generic advertising banners will continue to be displayed.

By default, almost all web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, visitors / users can modify the default configuration, as better explained in this Policy below.

For more information about the data controller of your personal data, the methods of processing itself, categories of managers and people in charge, exercise the rights as disposed by the art. 7 of the Privacy Code or further processing relating to the declared data during registration to the services rendered on the website, we invite you to consult the site's Privacy Policy or the specific privacy policies for the services provided by PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. through their sites or send an email to the address ...

A) Types of Cookies

Persistent cookies: these cookies remain stored until they expire on the user/visitor's device. They are used to facilitate navigation within the site and its correct use, to facilitate access to services that require authentication (preventing users from re-enter authentication credentials at every access to services), for statistical purposes, to know which areas of the site have been visited, as well as, in some cases, for a better management of the pages and advertising spaces or to provide content and advertising according to the choices made by the surfers.

Session cookies: these cookies are not stored permanently on the user/visitor's device and disappear when the browser is closed. They are used to transmit the session identifiers necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the site. The session cookies used on website avoid the use of other computer techniques, potentially prejudicial to the privacy of the users /visitors' browsing and are also used to improve the provision of services.

First-party cookies: they can be either persistent or of session ; they are managed directly by the owner and/or manager of the site and used, for example, to guarantee their technical functioning (the so-called "technical cookies") or to keep track of preferences expressed regarding the use of the site itself (for example to view the weather forecast in your city).

Third-party cookies: they can be both persistent or of session; they are generated and managed by managers outside the site visited by the user and they are used, for example, to know the number of visited pages within the site itself (the so-called "statistical cookies" or "analytics cookies") or to publish content and advertising on the site you are visiting.

B) Main purposes of cookies

Technical cookies: they are necessary to allow the browsing of the site and to use some products and services. They are used, for example, to recognize the user who has authenticated himself on the site and allow him to keep the session open even when he visits other pages on the site, or to guarantee certain site security measures and monitor its correct operation.

Statistical or "analytics" cookies: these cookies are used to monitor the site performance, for example to know the number of visited pages or the number of users who have viewed a specific section. The analysis of these cookies generates anonymous and aggregated statistical data without making reference to the identity of the site's users. They are also useful to evaluate any changes and improvements to be made to the site.

Cookies for storing preferences: they are useful to facilitate the correct use of the site by the user and to create a browsing experience in line with the expressed expectations. For example, they are used to keep track of the chosen language.

Advertising cookies: these cookies are designed to provide advertising space. They are installed directly by PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. or by third parties. Some of them are necessary to calculate the value of the advertising offer, identify the individual advertisements and learn more about which ones were selected and when. Other advertising cookies, such as behavioral and retargeting ones are used to deduce your browser profile and to propose advertising messages in line with your behavior on the net (therefore also outside the website and presumably in line with your interests. This "profile" is anonymous and the collected information through these cookies does not allow us to trace your identity.

Social Network cookies: they allow you to share the contents of the site you are visiting with other users or to give your opinion on them. These cookies are typically used to activate the "Like" or "Follow" functions on Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. These features allow Social Networks to identify their users and collect information even while they are browsing other sites. PBM - Multimedial Advertising S.r.l. recommends to consult the privacy policy of each used Social Networks to learn more about the purposes and methods of the personal data processing carried out by them.

C) Management of First Party Cookies

Below you can find out which categories of cookies are managed directly by PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. on its web sites, grant or deny consent and modify it later.

Essential cookies

Non-profiling Performance and Statistical Cookies exempt from consent: our sites use traffic analysis cookies for statistical purposes and provided by third parties. The collected information is anonymous due to the obfuscation of a part of the IP address. In this way, it is not possible to trace the identity of the individuals.

Essential Technical Cookies: our sites use technical cookies necessary and essential for its right functioning. The purposes of these cookies are, for example: the login functionality, the management and saving of user preferences, the management of the contents of a shopping basket, etc.

D) Management of third-party cookies web site may use anonymous third-party cookies to display advertising in a dynamic and advanced manner, that consists in advertising messages based on navigation choices made by users even on other sites unrelated to those of PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l.

PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l.does not have access to and can not control the information that third parties may collect through their cookies. site uses third-party cookies also for statistical purposes: for example, to know the number of visited pages and the number of unique users.

Furthermore, the site provides the use of cookies of the most popular social networks.

You can consult the privacy policy and express your preferences regarding third-party cookies with which PBM - Pubblicità Multimediale S.r.l. has entered into agreements, connecting directly to their sites, listed below.

Some cookies are installed on the site of the owner or the manager even independently of direct agreements with third parties (for example through other sites that manage the sale of advertising spaces); for easy management of third-party cookies we suggest to have a look at  Your Online Choices website. This site allows you to find out which cookies are active on your computer, reporting  the name of the company that generates and /or manages them. Many companies that generate cookies on third-party sites, in fact, offer the possibility to disable and /or inhibit in a simple and immediate way only their own cookies, even when anonymous, or do not involve the registration of personal identification data, according to the Network Advertising Initiative.

Statistical analysis cookies (necessary to acquire statistical information anonymously and aggregately regarding users browsing on Group sites)

  • Google Analytics

Social Network Cookies

Advertising Cookie

  • Google DoubleClick

To disable third-party cookies , please, connect to this site.

E) Cookies management by browser

You can remove existing cookies and block the installation of new ones also through the browser settings.

If users /visitors desire to decide from time to time whether to accept cookies or not, they can also configure their browser to generate a warning each time a cookie is saved.

The most popular browsers provide the possibility  to block only third-party cookies, accepting only those ones proper to the site.

The procedure for managing cookies is different for each browser. Below, the instructions to be followed for the most popular browsers.

Google Chrome

To learn more how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:

To learn more how to activate the incognito mode:

To learn more how to delete cookies, block them also in a selective way and receive alerts on your cookie settings: 

Internet Explorer

To learn more how to manage, delete , block, select cookies though the settings of this browser:


To learn more how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:

To learn more how to manage the privacy settings panel and inhibit the tracking of your online activities:

To learn more how to activate and deactivate cookies:

How to delete cookies:

How to block cookies:

How to deactivate cookies created by third parties:


To learn more how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:


To learn more how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:

F) Changes of the privacy policy

This Cookie Policy may be modified along the time – because of the possible entry into force of new sector regulations, to the updating or provision of new services or to technological innovations - so we invite you to consult this page periodically.