Great decorations of fine fibers, such as large paintings made ​​with tiny brushstrokes. In the art of weaving, the threads are a palette that stretches out, becoming real canvas. And in the Sardinian tradition of craftsmanship, the textile manufacture is entrusted especially to women, whose maternal wisdom knows how to weave the colors of life.
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  1. Cuscino cavallino1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Cavallino" Cushion - 40x40 cm

  2. Cuscino pavoncella piccolo1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Pavoncella" Cushion - 40X40 cm

  3. Cuscino pavoncella1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    "Pavoncella" Cushion - 50X50 cm

  4. tappeto quadri 3D artigiantessile Villamassargia

    "Quadri 3D" carpet

  5. tappeto rombi e colori-artigiantessile1 Villamassargia

    "Rombi e Colori" carpet

  6. tappeto tribute to mondrian-artigintessile1 Villamassargia
  7. bag S'arraminosa sa sabattera Isili
  8. Testiera1_LuisellaFenu Uras
  9. tappeto di rombo fiorito-artigiantessile1 Villamassargia
  10. Set da cucina sartapp Olbia

    Kitchen set

  11. Maxi-uscino-colorato Samugheo
  12. Maxi-cuscino-moderno Samugheo
  13. Tenda pistoccu 1 Samugheo
  14. Cuscino gallinella1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    Rectangular "Gallinella" Cushion

  15. tappeto roccerosse1 Joyas Tortolì

    Red Rocks Rug


Items 1-24 of 40

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Set Descending Direction