Nature wraps the skin in a velvety Sardinian lotion, creating an oasis of vanity which leads to aesthetics. The cosmetics created and produced in the land of centenarians contain elixir of youth made of dawns on the sea, of smiles as bright as the stars, of blue skies crossed by the wind. Creams, masks, makeup, perfumes give to face and body the essence of the breathtaking beauty of Sardinia.

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  1. beauty1 Alghero
  2. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari

    Araxi - Unisex Perfume

    Out of stock
  3. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  4. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  5. bio-cream-body Cagliari

    Body Bio-cream

    €29.00 €39.00 -25%
  6. Citrus Magic body gel oil Cagliari

    Citrus Magic body gel oil

    €26.60 €38.00 -30%
  7. Day face cream Aggius

    Day face cream

  8. Ely-dol gel Aggius

    Ely-dol gel

  9. bio-cream-face Cagliari

    Facial Bio-cream

    €27.00 €35.00 -22%
  10. Facial moisturizing cream Cagliari

    Facial moisturizing cream

    €16.80 €24.00 -30%
  11. siero-viso-aquasabida Pimentel
  12. Helichrysum - Helichrysum oil Oschiri

    Helichrysum - Helichrysum oil

  13. Olio Corpo Elicriso Key Essence Santadi
  14. Helichrysum siero viso Oschiri

    Helichrysum siero viso

  15. idrolato-canpa Pimentel
  16. olio-essenziale-lavanda Oristano
  17. olio-essenziale-lavanda-officinalis Oristano

    Lavender Officinalis Essential Oil

  18. set-profumato-lavanda Oristano
  19. olio-essenziale-lentischio Oristano

    Lentisk Essential Oil


Items 1-24 of 43

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