“Preserving” means keeping something safe from anything that might alter it. Similarly, these preserves keep away from time the delicate and ephemeral beauty of fruits, vegetables and flowers of Sardinia. Sweet and savory creaminess, to be enjoyed with a pleasure that goes beyond the time.
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  1. aperitivo-box-4-confetture Tula

    Aperitivo - 4 extra jams box

    €20.00 €24.00 -16%
  2. Artichoke-2-pcs Santa Maria Coghinas
  3. Crema di carciofi Solinas Sant’Anna Arresi
  4. Crema di Carciofo Spinoso Sardo 90g1 Tramatza
  5. Carciofi in olio d’oliva 280 gr - 2 pz Sant’Anna Arresi
  6. Asparagus - 1 pc x 580 ml Santa Maria Coghinas
  7. Asparagus - 2 jars of 390 ml Santa Maria Coghinas
  8. Crema Asparago 90g2 Tramatza
  9. Crema Melanzana 90g2 Tramatza
  10. Bis Rustichella and Bocconcini del Re Samassi
  11. Free Shipping
     Bis Rustichella e Gesuino  Samassi
  12. Bis of artichokes in oil - 2 x 280 Samassi
  13. Free Shipping
    Breakfast pack Oristano
  14. Tonno rosso1 Sant'Antioco
  15. ventresca di tonno rosso Cagliari
  16. TONNO DI CORSA Cagliari

Items 1-24 of 68

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