A warmth sensation moistens the lips and turns the thoughts towards taste. A scent awakens the senses and the childhood memories of Sundays with family. A taste conquers the mind and leads it to pleasure. Pasta: from malloreddus to filindeu , through maccarrones de busa and lorighittas , all the varieties of Sardinian cuisine’s main course, seasoned by the flavors of the land or the sea.
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  1. tris-itrya-malloreddus-fregula-turrada Cabras
  2.  Bronze drawing Special Santa Giusta
  3. Bucatini rigati trigale Sorso

    Caserecce - 4 pcs X 500 g

  4. Cellino pasta mix Santa Giusta

    Cellino pasta mix

  5. Children's special Santa Giusta

    Children's special

  6. Culurgionis500g1 Santa Maria Navarrese
  7. pasta fiuritti lu rutigliu Loiri Porto San Paolo
  8. Fuglioli – Lasagne Lu Rutigliu Loiri Porto San Paolo
  9. gemelli Senorbì

    Gemelli - 3 kg

  10. FregolaSarda1 Santa Maria Navarrese
  11. dispensa-della-casa Elmas
  12. Integral special Santa Giusta

    Integral special

  13. linguine Senorbì

    Linguini - 3 kg


Items 1-24 of 61

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