The art of the Sardinian bread-making is, according to the island tradition, the encounter between man and woman, which for centuries has been marked by the rhythms of family life. From the artistic bread, prepared on festive occasions such as weddings and births, to the well-known Carasau Bread, also called “music paper”, prepared by the shepherds wives before their husbands left the house for winter transhumance along with the cattle. A love made of humble stories, a bread coming from farmhouses with steaming roofs. The simply good food that nourishes the soul.
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  1. panecarasau_Soru1 Ovodda
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  3. Pane carasau filiera del grano duro Cabras

    Carasau Bread Rectangular - 4 pcs

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  4. Children Special Santa Giusta

    Children Special

  5. Cioccofette Santa Giusta


  6. secchiello Tramatza
  7. guttiau 25 Tramatza
  8. guttiau Tramatza
  9. mix guttiau Tramatza

    Guttiau Mix 70 g - 28 packs

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  10. Guttiau classic Serrenti

    Guttiau classic


Items 1-24 of 45

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