Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, known for the beauty of its clear and unpolluted waters, offers the greatest products of the sea. A feast of flavours with bottarga,bluefin tuna, ventresca and tarantello.
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  1. Bluefin tuna Portoscuso

    Bluefin tuna

  2. Bluefin tuna tarantello Portoscuso
  3. Complete gift box - 4 pcs Portoscuso
  4. Tonno rosso1 Sant'Antioco
  5. ventresca di tonno rosso Cagliari
  6. TONNO DI CORSA Cagliari
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    nero-seppia-90gr Cagliari

    Cuttlefish Ink – 90 gr

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    Bottarga di muggine macinata Le Mareviglie Cagliari
  9. bottarga-muggine-macinata-2-buste Iglesias
  10. MULLET KIT Iglesias


  11. Marentia di Sardegna mare San Sperate

    Marentia di Sardegna® – glass bottle 1L

    €7.69 €10.98 -29%
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    Ventresca-tonno-rosso-mediterraneo-kosher Cagliari
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    tarantello-tonno-rosso-mediterraneo-kosher Cagliari
  14. tonno-mediterraneo Iglesias

    Mediterranean Tuna - 1,6 kg

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    mix-qurattro-sughi-pesce-biologici Cagliari

Items 1-24 of 43

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