From accessories to clothes, who is dressed with Sardinia, wears the wind. It brings with it the pride and the elegance of Sardinian women and men, which are made ​with silk, coarse wool, velvet, cork, leather and gold. A needle and a thread sew the time link between tradition and innovation, guided by the artistic visions of Sardinian great designers and skilled tailors.
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  1. "Grace" bag Austis

    "Grace" bag

  2. Backpack Ozieri


    Out of stock
  3. chilivani2 Cagliari

    Chilivani Purse

    Out of stock
  4. collare personalizzato canix Settimo San Pietro
  5. is-camballis-cosingius Senorbì

    Is Camballis

  6. Orologio casual da polso Sennori

    Lady Wrist Watch

    Out of stock
  7. Cappotto lineare atelier patrizia camba Cagliari

    Linear coat

  8. maxi-bag Samugheo

    Maxi Bag


Items 1-24 of 63

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