La Sartoria di Patrizia Camba Cagliari

Patrizia Camba’s path in the high craft tailoring began in 1987 with the opening of an atelier in Cagliari. Patrizia established herself thanks to a very original style that is closely linked to territoriality. "As far as possible I try to do a job on the territory, and I hope that the origin of the materials is all Italian. I mostly take them from Sardinia. [...] I always try to use things that remind me of where I come from ". The leitmotif of the creations of Patrizia Camba’s atelier is the Sardinian female world, as Sardinians are the influences for texture, chromatic and symbolic choices. An important presence in the island's creative scene, Patrizia Camba proposes her creations in her show-room laboratory located in the center of Cagliari.

La Sartoria di Patrizia Camba

Via Farina 67, Cagliari, Cagliari, 09127


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