Wellness is feeling the sun of Sardinia on your face skin, is breathing the essence of flowers and leaves from Supramonte, is experiencing the marine freshness on your feet when they’re wetted by the Mediterranean waves. Wellness is the nature that passes through the body and relieves the soul. Skin Creams, oils and essences, cure-all, infusions and body-care products: well-being is a Sardinian State of Mind.
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  • Buy creams, snail slime-based serum, perfumes and skin products, shampoos, essential oils, body gels, anti-aging products, Sardinian cosmetics with natural bio products.
  • Essences online, directly from our shop the natural essences and Sardinian essential oils. Buy Sardinian essences and Sardinian perfumes.
  • Try Sardinian infusions, teas and herbal teas made with Sardinian natural products, herbal teas, fruit, flowers, spices from Sardinia. Buy infusions and herbal teas in our online shop.
  • Discover the best Sardinian products for personal care, creams and shower gel, masks, sponges and lotions Find online the best deals on Sardinian personal care products in our marketplace.

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  1. beauty1 Alghero


    €10.12 €11.00 -8%
  2. Acquaunisex1 Alghero
  3. Acqua woman1 Alghero
  4. saponetta-aristeo Oschiri

    Alchimissa Artisan Soap 100 gr

    €7.60 €9.50 -20%
  5. Alchimissa gel corpo Aristeo 2 Oschiri

    Alchimissa Facial - Body gel 100 ml

    €22.40 €28.00 -20%
  6. Alchimissa crema viso Aristeo 1 Oschiri

    Alchimissa facial cream 50 ml

    €24.00 €30.00 -20%
  7. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari

    Araxi - Unisex Perfume

  8. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  9. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  10. bio-cream-body Cagliari

    Body Bio-cream

    €29.00 €39.00 -25%
  11. Day face cream Aggius

    Day face cream

  12. Ely-dol gel Aggius

    Ely-dol gel

  13. bio-cream-face Cagliari

    Facial Bio-cream

    €27.00 €35.00 -22%
  14. siero-viso-aquasabida Pimentel
  15. oleolito-aristeo Oschiri

    Helichrysum - Helichrysum oleolite

    €14.40 €18.00 -20%
  16. Olio Corpo Elicriso Key Essence Santadi
  17. olio-essenziale-lavanda-officinalis Oristano

    Lavender Officinalis Essential Oil

  18. olio-essenziale-lavanda Oristano
  19. set-profumato-lavanda Oristano
  20. Saponetta-lavanda-150gr Oristano
  21. olio-essenziale-lentischio Oristano

    Lentisk Essential Oil


Items 1-24 of 50

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