Dessert Wine

At the end of meal, the sweet and amber dessert wines are the protagonists of the banquets. Thanks to their fruity and velvety notes and their unforgettable harmony, they are able to conquer every palate.
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  1. VinoCranntza1 Tramatza

    Crannatza Wine

  2. vino Karesia1 Tramatza

    Karesia Wine

  3. confezione-kyanos-keramos-hermes Codrongianos
  4. vernacciaoristano1 Tramatza

    Oristano's Vernaccia DOC

    Out of stock
  5. passito Passentzia1 Tramatza

    Passentzia Raisin Wine

  6. Sant'Efis 1 Senorbì
  7. impilabile1 Tramatza

    Stackable Wine

  8. Degusta-box-6-bottiglie-miste Ussaramanna

    Tasting Box - 6 bottles

    €99.00 €119.00 -16%
    Out of stock
  9. Tris di vini SOI Nuragus

    Trio Soi-Lun-Lillò

  10. vino tzinnigas1 Tramatza

    Tzinnigas Wine Vernaccia


16 Items

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