Tenute Soletta Codrongianos

"We treat the earth with love and respect and so it goes back to us with great fruits." Expert wine growers, our work owes its quality to the characteristics of the hilly area of Tenute Solette vineyards, from which we produce excellent white, rosé, red and red wines. Wine is the result of a long journey that begins with the care of the vines until the manual harvesting of the grapes. Then there is transport to the cellar, between cement barrels, stainless steel barrels and barriques. Maceration, delestage and refinement in barrels and then in bottles complete the path, obtaining wines that are reminiscent of perfumes and reflect the character of the earth and the men who have taken care of them.

Tenute Soletta

Regione Signor'Anna, SS, Codrongianos, 07040


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