The gastronomic specialities of Sardinia are authentic gourmet products for lovers of high quality food. From bottarga and tuna to dried tomatoes through the precious snails, a careful selection of the best specialties of the island. Where nature cannot, man's hands and wisdom can, infact they transform, helped by time, the products of the land and the sea into masterworks: these are the Sardinian specialties of taste.
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  1. Asparagus - 1 pc x 580 ml Santa Maria Coghinas
  2. Complete gift box - 4 pcs Portoscuso
  3. ventresca di tonno rosso Cagliari
  4. TONNO DI CORSA Cagliari
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    Bottarga di muggine macinata Le Mareviglie Cagliari
  6. bottarga-muggine-macinata-2-buste Iglesias
  7. Helichrysum-oil-saregna-key-essence Santadi

    Helychrysum oil

  8. dispensa-della-casa Elmas
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    lardo ginepro Palitta Dorgali
  10. MULLET KIT Iglesias


  11. Marentia di Sardegna mare San Sperate

    Marentia di Sardegna® – glass bottle 1L

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  12. Mini-basket Simaxis

    Mini Basket

    Out of stock
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    Bottarga di muggine intera Le Mareviglie Cagliari

    Mullet Bottarga - 2 pcs

  14. bottarga Buggerru

Items 1-24 of 51

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