Larderia Palitta Dorgali

Larderia Palitta, the first lard production company in Sardinia, was founded in 2014 in Dorgali by Mario Dettori who, travelling around Italy thanks as a driver, knows an excellent Colonnata lard manufacturer. Mario Dettori thus learns the secrets for the care and production of aged lard in marble basin, and gives life to the processing of lard myrtle, using Sardinian sea salt, herbs, spices and scent of Barbagia’s myrtle. The product is seasoned in Orosei’s marble basins for 7/10 long months. The tank full of lard and flavourings is periodically checked to obtain, after maturing, a white, fragrant and savory myrtle flavour.

Larderia Palitta

Via Giovanni XXIII, NU, Dorgali, 08022


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