The essence is the fundamental part of everything, is the fruit core, is the truth within beauty. Sardinian essences are the soul of well-being. Feeling on your own skin or in your home environment the special smells of nature, recalls the sweet feeling of remembrance and makes it all more sensual and attractive. Floral, sylvan, marine, fruity and country perfumes and scents bring to heart the essence of Sardinia.
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  1. Acquaunisex1 Alghero
  2. Acqua woman1 Alghero
  3. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari

    Araxi - Unisex Perfume

  4. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  5. Araxi Parfum Unisex Cagliari
  6. olio-essenziale-lavanda-officinalis Oristano

    Lavender Officinalis Essential Oil

  7. olio-essenziale-lentischio Oristano

    Lentisk Essential Oil

  8. Maijda woman1 Alghero


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  9. olio-essenziale-mirto Oristano

    Myrtle Essential Oil

  10. Profumo smeralda1 Alghero


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  11. olio-essenziale-rosmarino-verbenone Oristano

    Verbenone Rosemary Essential Oil


13 Items

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