Picture yourself on a breathtaking terrace in front of the sea, after a meal. The sirocco breeze approaches the wild smell of the pine forest, while the crickets chirp in the heat. It’s a good moment for enjoying life, like tasting a liqueur. With their intense and charming color and fragrance, all the Sardinian digestives are pure instants of contemplation and enjoyment led by their unique flavors.

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  1. Amaro Amaro Dolianova

    Amaro Amaro

  2.  Dolcemiele brandy Sant'Antioco
  3. Zenzerinonero1 Cagliari
  4. Crema di Filu ‘e ferru Collu Villasor

    Filu’ e ferru cream

  5. Helichrysum Liqueur 50 cl Laconi

    Helichrysum Liqueur 50 cl

  6. Intense - Myrtle liqueur Sinnai

    Intenso - Myrtle liqueur

  7. Intriguing - Liquorice Liqueur Sinnai

    Intrigante - Liquorice Liqueur

  8. duo-is-cogas-mirto-amaro Villacidro

    Is Cogas Duo

  9. Jelinthon - Mullet bottarga liqueur Sassari
  10. liquore-liquirizia Bosa

    Licorice liqueur

  11. Limoncino Myrsine Selection 70 cl Dolianova
  12. Limonverde Liqueur Sant'Antioco
  13. Liquorice Liquor 70 cl Sinnai
  14. Liquorice Myrsine Selection 70 cl Dolianova
  15. mandarinetto Bosa

    MANDARINETTO liqueur


Items 1-24 of 62

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