Picture yourself on a breathtaking terrace in front of the sea, after a meal. The sirocco breeze approaches the wild smell of the pine forest, while the crickets chirp in the heat. It’s a good moment for enjoying life, like tasting a liqueur. With their intense and charming color and fragrance, all the Sardinian digestives are pure instants of contemplation and enjoyment led by their unique flavors.
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  1. agave1 Alghero

    Agave’s Red Myrtle Liqueur

    €15.00 €18.00 -16%
  2. D'olea1 Dolianova

    D'Olea Liqueur 50 cl

    €18.00 €20.00 -10%
  3. Zenzerinonero1 Cagliari
  4. Crema di Filu ‘e ferru Collu Villasor

    Filu’ e ferru cream

  5. formula-Bis-mirtomoro-limonverde Sant'Antioco
  6. Amaro di elicriso Lugas 3 Laconi

    Helichrysum Liqueur 70 cl

  7. Burning Honey Liqueur Sant'Antioco
  8. Intense - Myrtle liqueur Sinnai

    Intenso - Myrtle liqueur

  9. Intriguing - Liquorice Liqueur Sinnai

    Intrigante - Liquorice Liqueur

  10. duo-is-cogas-mirto-amaro Villacidro

    Is Cogas Duo

    Out of stock
  11. liquore-liquirizia Bosa

    Licorice liqueur

  12. Limoncino1 Dolianova

    Limoncino Liqueur 50 cl


Items 1-24 of 64

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