Azienda Agricola Taloe Cagliari

Founded in 2009 in the countryside of Villanovafranca, Azienda Agricola Taloe begins the cultivation of aloe Arborescens and Ferox, almonds and thyme with organic and biodynamic method. In 2014 the company opened a certified organic and biodynamic laboratory for the production of aloe creams for face and body, aloe gel, almond gel and almond oil. Since 2018 Agricola Taloe has expanded its cultivation by introducing the organic saffron. The Azienda Agricola Taloe uses the organic method certified by the unit in charge of the CCPB control. All products are processed and packaged in their BIO certified laboratory.

Azienda Agricola Taloe

Via Nuoro 70, CA, cagliari, 09125


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