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The company Eredi Luigi Poscia proposes a mix of four of its excellent grappas: amber coloured grappa di Cannonau, grappa di Carignano, grappa di Cannonau di Orgosolo and grappa di Moscato passito. The four precious distillates of the Distilleria Poscia, with a strong flavour, but also velveting and enveloping, are ideal to be enjoyed at the end of a succulent meal. A Sardinian delicacy to be tasted during long and lovely conversations.
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Features Composition: - amber coloured grappa di Cannonau: distillate of marc of Cannonau di Sardegna, conditioned below zero, filtration with shining layers, refinement with toasted American oak wood, 41% vol. Grappa di Carignano: Carignano marc distillate, sub-zero conditioning, filtration with shining layers, 40% vol; - Cannonau grappa di Orgosolo: distillate of marc of cannonau di Sardegna, sub-zero conditioning, filtration with polishing layers, 42% vol; Grappa di moscato passito: distillate of Muscat marc, conditioned below zero, filtration with shining layers, raisins, 38% vol.
Package 4 bottles of grappa: 1 Grappa di Cannonau Ambrata, 1 Grappa di Carignano, 1 Grappa di Cannonau di Orgosolo and 1 Grappa di Moscato Passito
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