Nonsolocoltelli di Efisio Spiga Villasimius

I've been a craftsman for about 35 years, and I've been realizing knives for 18 years. I started making Sardinian knives for pleasure and, above all, for the passion that I have for blades and for the Sardinian tradition. I love transforming and molding natural materials such as mutton, ox, buffalo and deer horns, wild boar tusks and various woods, from olive to Sardinian juniper -as well as many other elements- for my knives handles. I can skillfully forge blades for my pocket knives, such as "Pattadesi" - "Guspinesi" - "Arburesi", and for the fixed-bladed ones, such as the "Corrine", the Sardinian "Leppa" and all hunting daggers. All blades are made of normal and damask carbon steels, and are strictly and exclusively hand made. My knives are created using first-rate materials, and are then finished scrupulously. Their morbid lines of the handles are shaped in the hands of those who hold them.

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4 Items

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