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The wine selection by Cantine Paulis di Monsertrato is composed of the four most famous DOC wines of Sardinia: two bottles of white wine and two bottle of red wine. Evento is a Sardinian vermentino with fresh aromas of Mediterranean white flesh fruit. Movida is a Nuragus from Cagliari with hints of apples and roses. Chea is a Monica from Sardinia with an elegant and typical scent of sweet red fruits. The last one, Noah is a Cannonau of Sardinia with persuasive notes of cherry and plum, completed by spicy nuances. This Wine Selection set offers the best wine for every gastronomic pair.
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Features ingredients: Evento: 100% Vermentino Sardegna DOC; alcohol content: 13,5% Vol. Movida: 100% Nuragus di Cagliari DOC; alcohol content: 13% Vol. Chea: 100% Monica di Sardegna DOC; alcohol content: 13,5% Vol. Noah: 100% Cannonau di Sardegna; alcohol content: 14% Vol.
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