The art that goes from mind to hand, until it reaches the heart is the handicraft. Tools, accessories and everyday objects become creative decorations of living. The transition between the idea and the artifact is a magical moment, which marks the relationship between mankind and things, and that is called "work." The modern Sardinian craft is the son of history and tradition, the result of techniques handed down from father to son, from master to apprentice, from past to future.
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  1. Lampada corallo2 Luras

    Coral lamp

  2. sevizio-caffè-corallo CARBONIA

    Corallo Coffee Service

    Out of stock
  3. collana-corbula-marrocu-gioielli Villacidro
  4. orecchini-corbula-marrocu-gioielli Villacidro

    Corbula Silver Earrings

  5. Madia con motivo ondulato 1 Sestu

    Corrugated cupboard

  6. cervo in metallo-av metal Sarule

    Deer in metal

  7. Tavolo da pranzo1 Nule
  8. Mobile TV in rovere 1 Sestu

    Durmast TV cabinet

  9. Scrittoio in rovere1 Sestu

    Durmast writing desk

  10. gigliola1 Cagliari

    Effisiedda Pendant

    €24.90 €49.00 -49%
  11. Ciondolo di Eleonora d’Arborea Oristano

    Eleonora d’Arborea Pendant

  12. Testiera1_LuisellaFenu Uras
  13. eora-cotton-blue-version Assemini

    Eora – Cotton Blue Version

    €229.00 €284.00 -19%
  14. eora-naked-ash-version Assemini

    Eora – Naked Ash Version

    €219.00 €259.00 -15%
  15. eora-versione-classic Assemini

    Eora –Classic Version

    €229.00 €279.00 -17%
  16. tappeto di rombo fiorito-artigiantessile1 Villamassargia
  17. Galletto Selargius


    Out of stock

Items 49-72 of 198

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