The art that goes from mind to hand, until it reaches the heart is the handicraft. Tools, accessories and everyday objects become creative decorations of living. The transition between the idea and the artifact is a magical moment, which marks the relationship between mankind and things, and that is called "work." The modern Sardinian craft is the son of history and tradition, the result of techniques handed down from father to son, from master to apprentice, from past to future.
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  1. Bracciale Mesu Canna Cagliari

    Mesu Canna bracialet

  2. Maxi-cuscino-moderno Samugheo
  3. VassoioOvale1 Selargius

    Oval Table Tray

  4. bue in metallo-av metal1 Sarule

    Ox in metal

  5. Coppia di mensole con effetto ondulato Sestu
  6. Pinocchio by bike Villanovaforru

    Pinocchio by bike

  7. Tenda pistoccu 1 Samugheo
  8. Portrait of your dog - inlay Villanovaforru
  9. Cuscino gallinella1_DamianiDesign-Filatex Decimomannu

    Rectangular "Gallinella" Cushion

  10. AntipastieraRettangolare1 Selargius

    Rectangular Tray 5 pcs

  11. tappeto roccerosse1 Joyas Tortolì

    Red Rocks Rug

  12. Regina Pendant Cagliari

    Regina Pendant

    €24.90 €49.00 -49%
  13. Cuscino Decorativo Giglio1 Calangianus

Items 97-120 of 198

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